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For companies that would like to present their offer, we have prepared several attractive participation packages in the 12th International Blueberry Conference.

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The International Blueberry Conference 2025 is the most important event in the blueberry industry. We connect production, market, marketing and technology suppliers. Together we create the blueberry future!

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13 International
Blueberry Conference 2025
6-7 March, 2025


February 26, 2024

What should you invest in on a blueberry farm?

Investments mean development, provided that they are directed towards the right goals. In Poland, we have over 8,000 farms where blueberries are grown. In order for the production of this fruit to remain profitable, actions should be taken to improve yields, provide better product quality and harvesting efficiency. This will be discussed during the 12th International Blueberry Conference.

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January 24, 2024

Blueberry market. Challenges for the industry.

Blueberry production around the world is constantly growing. According to the forecasts of the International Blueberry Organization, in 2030 the entire industry production will grow from 2 million tons per year to 3 million tons of blueberries harvested around the world. Will blueberries become the most popular fruit around the world at this time? Achieving such result will be a challenge for the entire industry.

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December 29, 2023

Optimization is the motto of the International Blueberry Conference 2024

International Blueberry Conference 2024 will have a two-day formula. The first day (March, 7) will be held at the Mazurkas Hotel located in Ożarów Mazowiecki near Warsaw. During the conference knowledge will be provided in 16 lectures by the best blueberry experts. The second practical day (March, 8)  is a meeting at a blueberry plantation. There all the participants will have an opportunity to witness machine demonstrations as well as bush pruning workshops. The International Blueberry Conference in Poland is considered the most important blueberry industry event. It’s worth being […]

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November 23, 2023

The impact of pruning on the quality of blueberry fruit

With the exception of field setup, pruning is the single most essential cultural job in blueberry production. Using the right approach is essential in terms of providing predictable, sustainable and profit generating yields which minimise risk and incentivise further investment. While the same general approach is applicable to all crop situations, the right approach for any specific crop depends on a number of factors including variety, age of crop, crop history, yield targets, and current crop status. A good understanding of these factors promoted successful and profitable blueberry production.

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