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For companies that would like to present their offer, we have prepared several attractive participation packages in the 11th International Blueberry Conference.

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The International Blueberry Conference 2023 is the most important event in the blueberry industry. We connect production, market, marketing and technology suppliers. Together we create the blueberry future!

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11th International
Blueberry Conference
7-8 March, 2024


August 26, 2023

Modern Blueberry Cultivation – Borowkowe Factory 2023

Borowkowe Factory project this year is rich in various observations and research in the field of blueberry cultivation. We evaluate cultivars (19 of them), plants from various nurseries, fertilization and protection programs as well as various cultivation techniques. The effects of these activities will be presented on September 8 during the final meeting of Borowkowy Factory 2023.

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March 14, 2023

Blueberry growers should change their farms (International Blueberry Conference recap)

The 11th International Blueberry Conference has already gone down in history. The two-day event gathered over 500 participants not only from Poland but also from numerous European countries. There were visitors from Ukraine, Lithuania, Belarus, Germany, the Netherlands, Romania, Croatia, Great Britain, Spain, Italy, Slovakia, Georgia and even distant Jordan. Many various topics were discussed during the conference. It seems that changes are needed on the blueberry market – on plantations, in production, in trade and marketing.

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February 16, 2023

Changes in the blueberry market in Europe. 7 steps to better production!

Many growers are anxious about the future of the blueberry business and the profitability of running their plantations. This results from a drastic increase in production costs, but also of growing competition on the international blueberry market in Europe. Can we talk openly about the fact that blueberry production in Europe is at risk? Not necessarily, but … The Blue Revolution is needed to strengthen the blueberry market.

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December 28, 2022

Strategies for Success for Blueberry Growers in Poland

 All over the world, people are eating more blueberries than ever, with new consumers enjoying the fruit for the first time every year. Research and positive media coverage of the health benefits of blueberries have bolstered demand. World production of blueberries has reached roughly 1 million metric tons in 2020, according to the International Blueberry Organization, with approximately two thirds of the production for fresh and one third for processed/frozen purposes. While roughly double the global production of 2012, global blueberry volume is still roughly 10% of global strawberry volume, […]

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November 21, 2022

Working on better blueberry varieties

On July 27, a Field & Forum meeting was held at the Dutch headquarters of Fall Creek. Over 80 delegates and clients of the nursery from the Netherlands, Turkey, Poland, Georgia, Great Britain, Italy and other countries participated in it. It was an opportunity to learn about new trends on the blueberry variety market, as well as cultivation solutions.

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