#Together to the goal

Farm development, strategy building, new cultivation technologies, following the needs of the blueberry market … this is what the International Highbush Blueberry Conference is associated with. This event in Poland allows us to strengthen our position as a European blueberry supplier.

Blueberry is a global fruit, produced all over the world, on 6 continents. It is available for consumers 12 months a year, produced in various technologies and in different climatic zones. New technologies and markets potential allow efficient transport of berries to very distant markets and the development of intercontinental trade. To participate in this global market it is very important to have knowledge about what is happening in other countries, what trends prevail in sales and what might the future bring. The International Highbush Blueberry Conference is a good tool to acquire such knowledge.

The organizer of the International Highbush Blueberry Conference is Hortus Media Sp. z o.o., publisher of the internet portals and, and co-editor of the JAGODNIK magazine. We undertake many innovative activities that allow us to promote modern cultivation methods, farm development as well as access to new markets. Outdoor meetings as well as large international conferences organized by our team are to serve not only gaining knowledge, but also, or above all, gaining new contacts thanks to which you can run your business more efficiently and easily.

Who are we?

Our goal is to provide information that is an essential tool for the gardening business functioning. Through multi-directional activities we have created a system that allows fruit and vegetable producers to operate effectively and achieve their goals. Today, knowledge and experience can be the key to success in the production of berries. We offer them both by publishing current information on the web portal and in JAGODNIK magazine and on meetings.

Many growers use this knowledge on an ongoing basis, and the benefits that result from it are evidenced by development and prosperity of farms that we visit every year. It is our greatest satisfaction and joy at the same time that thanks to our work so many companies and farms can continue to develop. It strengthens us and convinces us that we create the berry future together!

# I love blueberry


Together to the goal! This is our motto according to which we implement many innovative projects. The International Highbush Blueberry Conference, organized this year for the 11th time, quickly showed how important access to the latest knowledge and information related to the current production of berry plants is in the development of the blueberry business. This event is attended by 800-950 people every year.

# together we create the blueberry future